Our expertise enables us to fulfil a range of project roles. Whether full project management, monitoring development teams on behalf of funders, or being your representative to provide oversight, our focus is on your commercial priorities. With the approaching net zero deadline we will work with you to ensure this is achieved, at both single asset and portfolio level.
We regard the Employer’s Agent role as an essential element of project management however we do not provide Quantity Surveying services as we believe these should be kept separate and independent.

Project Management

Real estate project management is about delivering to your business plan. The brief, product and method must all align with your commercial aspirations. Venture will challenge the brief and identify a specific way to deliver it. Risk transfer, cost certainty and programme alignment are the measures of success.

Venture believe in strong team relationships and put in the effort to achieve this at the beginning. A project manager must give support and direction but be fair yet robust.

Project delivery must be hands on. Detail is important and solutions require in depth knowledge.

The product, cost and timings must run back-to-back with the business plan. Continual benchmarking is required to reinforce this environment.

Development Monitoring

The quality of information at commitment and the standard of the product at completion are the cornerstones of any project’s success. These are crucial contributors to value and liquidity. As Development Monitor we must be a bridge, not a barrier, between the funder and developer.

At Venture we take a rigorous approach to procuring and understanding key information, and combine this insight with the ability to foster a strong working relationship with you and your team.

When the relationship is managed effectively, exceptional results are achieved.

Client Representative

Time is a commodity. Clients cannot always cover all the ground and Venture fills the gap. Our close knowledge of the client’s organisation and working methods enables us to provide an ‘over the shoulder’ support function, acting on your behalf in an in-house capacity, enabling you to focus on new opportunities.

Venture, as a trusted advisor, represents your interests by managing all external parties on your behalf. We assemble and manage external teams to deliver on your objectives.